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What Is A CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA. There is nothing fancy or complicated about the farm’s CSA program – it is a straight forward system that directly connects local people to a seasonal share (FarmBox)  of  all the different varities of Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers we grow  organically on the farm.  Thus the “Shareholders” now have direct access and personal relationship with both the farm and the farmer who is trusted to grow their food.

There are no middle men, no food miles, no mystery of where your food is coming from. We use no herbicides, pesticides or any chemicals what-so-ever on our crops. Just the highest quality, freshest food your farmily can get.

 It’s that simple.


It's More Than A Beautiful Box of Veggies!

It is a choice you are makeing that will impact your life.

What is a farmbox share?

 A share is a large 1/2 bushel farm basket that we fill with several different crops that are ready to harvest at pickup time. Normally you will find 8-12 different items in your FarmBox including flowers and fresh herbs. 

 The CSA program runs on a bi-weekly calendar unless other wise notified starting in April. Spring time can cause us to have to arrange for a couple of weekly pickups when the cool season crops start facing some early summer heat. They need to go home with our Shareholders.


What Kinds of Vegetables can I look forward to in my farmbox?

*In Your Spring Shares: You my find crops including Romaine Lettuce, spring Onions, Asparagus, Strawberries, Kale, Mesclun Mixes, Kohlrabi, Broccoli, salad Turnips and Sugar Snap Peas, to name a few.

*In Your Summer Shares: You may find Swiss Chard, Carrots, Potatoes, Summer Squash,  Peppers, Zuccinhi ,small Melons, Corn, and loads of our favorite heirloom Tomatoes. 

Fall Shares: May contain a mix of Okra, Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes, Malabar Spinach, Yard-long beans, winter Squash and cool season grees like Turnip greens, Mustard greens and Kales.

Your FarmBox Items will change as the season moves forward. You will see new and exciting items every pickup!

On-Farm Pickup

We are an on-farm  pickup only CSA. Which means our shareholder’s feet are on the very land that grew those beautiful vegetables in their FARMBOX.  We feel that is so important and is the original concept of the first CSA models over 50 year ago. I always say “it takes a farm to feed a comunity, but it takes a community to feed the farm”.  


There are risks in joining a CSA 

As farmers with more than two decades under our boots, we are very experienced at mitigating risk that comes from weather, pest and disease that come with farming.

We have “knock on wood” never lost a CSA season. Things happen and sometimes our shareholders have to ride it out with us,  but we have never had to call a loss in over 2000 shares we have harvested and packed and send home with shareholders from this farm  Those are pretty good odds this year will be just fine & dandy.



MCF CSA HandBook

Get Our CSA Handbook

In our handbook we outline all the possible risks when you join a CSA. We don’t offer refunds as a rule. 

A Few Words of Encouragement 

We leave each pickup with full baskets and full hearts, grateful for an abundance of organic, locally-grown produce, and our farmers who have worked so hard to provide it.

K. Parnell

This is hands down the best CSA we have been a part of. I enjoy going to farm and cutting flowers and just walking around all the vegetables and herbs. The produce is always wonderful and delicious. 

J. Hines

This place is amazing and the people who run it are even more amazing! I highly recommend Madison Creek Farms if you are looking to start getting your produce from a CSA and support a local, organic farmer! 


New Enhanced Spring & Summer FarmBox Shares!

$320 for both seasons!

This year we have included 2 of our FarmBag pickups early in the spring season! 

Our CSA FarmBox Without our FarmBags $290


Our Spring & Summer CSA FarmBox Enrollment 2/1/21

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Step 1: Signup to Reserve your farmbox share

It only takes a minute and once you are signed up you will be sent your FARMBOX Shareholder login to our shareholders only site. There you will find CSA tips & Tricks lots of resources, recipes plus our FARMBOX Master video series.

Step 2: Choose your payment preference for your share

We only offer 1 Share size which is our large 1/2 bushel. The size is good for a family of 3-4 people. If you feel like that is too large try our FarmBags perfect for couple. 

Enhanced 2021 FarmBox w/farmbag: Pay $160 now and $160 In May.

  • Large 1/2 bushel size FARMBOX
  • 8 weeks of pickups (Bi-Weekly)
  • Spring & Summer Season
  • You Cut Flowers & Fresh Herbs included
  • Access to Our Shareholder Members only         FarmBox Masters Website.
  • No Basket Fee
  • Plus 2 FarmBags Pickups Early and or Late In The Growing Season! 
  • 1 MCF Natural Canvas FarmBag Tote

Our CSA FarmBox Spring & Summer Without The FarmBags! Pay $145 at signup and $145 In May!

  • Large 1/2 bushel size FARMBOX
  • 8 weeks of pickups (Bi-Weekly)
  • Spring & Summer Season
  • You Cut Flowers & Fresh Herbs
  • Access to Our Shareholder Members only         FarmBox Masters Website.
  •  No Basket Fee



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