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The  Flower Season @ The Farm & In Your FarmBox

As the weeks move forward in our CSA seasons so do the many beautiful flowers here on the farm. It is truly one of my personal loves are all those colorful blooms. I start planning our flower season in the dead of winter when not a single pop of color is out in the field. My desk is filled with notes, bed layouts and flower seed packets. This has been my winter time task for almost 20 years now…and I do love putting it all together and in play out there for you and I to enjoy.

I like to go with a wilder look to my cut flower sections in the field and there are a couple of reasons for this.

1. By mixing different colors and types of flowers, herbs and vegetables I am creating a perfect calling card of my pollinators. The bees love skipping around from bloom to bloom and as seed savers we need them to pollinate all the flowers they can.

2. All the colors and varieties out there bring several of beneficial insects to the field. Yes, sometimes a few non-beneficials with sneak in there too..but the good out weight the bad most of the time.

When you are at the farm for your FarmBox pickup and the flower season is in full bloom do take advantage of cutting your self or a friend a big gorgeous bouquet. This is part of your FarmBox share and just getting out there amongst the flowers in the field slows you down and before you realize it all the stress of the world slips away and your field of vision just got a whole lot more colorful.

Our Video on flowers and making bouquets in the flower section of your Shareholders only area.