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Here you will find tips, tricks and resources to help you master your FarmBox. This is your place for all the latest content geared toward our CSA program. 

Note: I will be adding new content to this page over the next few days & weeks so you may want to bookmark this link and check back often.

Our Latest FarmBox News & Upates

Tomato Season Has Arrived!

Here's the deal. In all my years farming nothing brings more excitement to our shareholders than the arrival of the tomatoes. It's true! I have folks start asking about the tomatoes in early May. Something about those fruits that stir people like nothing else when it...

Spring Swings To Summer Season

Swinging from one season to the next is always where the mystery CSA pickup schedules lay…we are almost over the hump!!

Welcome to the start of a wholesome, organically grown FarmBox season!

Well, here we all are in the middle of a global pandemic and all of us social distancing and stay home to keep safe and those around us safe as well. But, I don't want to talk about all that because we hear enough of it daily right now on the news..I want to talk to...

Keep your face toward the sun

So much has changed in our lives in the last 30 days. These are surly uncertain times and for so many of us with elderly loved ones to try and protect it is very scary. We here on the farm have had to make some changes as well to how we operate in this new world. Mark...

Our CSA Handbook

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Top 6 Tool Guide

This is my Top 6 Tool Guide for mastering your CSA farmbox. You will find that you will use all of these tool during your season with you farmbox produce. 

Download Tool Guide

Flower Guide

This guide contains lots of information to get ready for the flower season here on the farm. 

It has tips and tricks for harvesting, arranging, and post harvest tips to get the longest vase life from your flowers. 

Download Flower Guide

Leafy Greens

I am working on putting together a guide on all the farm greens. How to wash, store and tips on freezing and persevering your farm green. So plz stay tune. 

Our FarmBox Master Video Series

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Wash, Dry & Store Your FarmBox Produce.

Food Safety

At Home

By the time your leafly green vegtables have reached your kitchen they will need to be re-washed and stored properly. We here at the farm have taken actions during our post harvest wash & pack to ensure their safety. It is important to follow these safety & handling tips at home. 


Below are some tips for food safety handling at home specifically for you to use on green leafly vegetables.

Download PDF Of Food Safety Guidelines

What to expect in your FarmBox Seasonally 

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