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Madison Creek Farms situated on 38-acres and located just a few miles north of Nashville, Tennessee.  A third generation family farm that has been in the Lynn family for more than 50 years. Mark and Peggy Lynn Marchetti, along with the couple’s son Lucca, have carved out a local treasure that provides an array of fresh, locally grown organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and an assortment of specialty products produced and grown there on the farm. The Flower Field honey is harvested from the farm’s own apiaries where the honey bees fest on the stunning beds of colorful sweet smelling flowers. Rows and rows of these beautiful flowers have been the calling card for Madison Creek Farms just shy of two dozen years.

At the core of what makes Madison Creek Farms so wonderfully unique rests in the diversity of what the farm is capable of producing using only natural organic farming methods with very little in the way of machinery. A bountiful array of heirloom vegetables, Small fruits such as blackberries, strawberries and many heirloom and unusual varieties not available in most markets which Peggy turns into her artisan jams and preserves that are stocked exclusively during the farm’s market days.

The heart of the farm lies in the 3-acre production field where you will find rows of raised beds planted by hand and filled with gorgeous cutting flowers, culinary and aromatic herbs growing symbiotically along with an impressive list of heirloom vegetable varieties.

Farm Forward

A suburban farmstead that is rich in history with an abundance of beautifully grown organic vegetables, herbs & flowers.

Madison Creek Farms, with its rustic charm and natural beauty may be reminiscent of a bygone era. But what is truly unique about this place is the intentional example of what a thriving small organic farm can bring to its local community and what the community brings to the farm.


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 Watchin’ Love Grow

Written by: Mark Marchetti & Rodney Clawson

An Ole’ country house made of cedar and stone

38 acres that we call home

 a beat up tractor chickens in the barn

and a blue eyed dog on a family farm

the Sun still sleeping when we wake up 

it’s honey on the biscuit coffee in the cup

and our little boy five years old

pouring captan crunch in a batman bowl

kiss goodbye and i’m off to work 

planting’ seeds of hope in the stubborn dirt.

Watchin’ love grow

in that field of dreams outside the kitchen window

yea its not always butterflies and banjos 

we’re on our knees pullin’ weeds 

praying’ we can keep it straight to the end of the road

thats the way it goes

Watching’ love grow


Watchin' Love Grow

by Mark Marchetti & Rodney Clawson

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The Farmers

Meet Mark & Peggy

Mark Marchetti

Mark is orignally from Pittsburgh, PA. , the moved to Mt. Hope WV. Mark is a army veteran and served doing a tour of duty in Vietnam.

After the service Mark set his sights on songwritting and the music industry. He moved to Memphis and work with the Stax’s records. He pened his first charted hit song in the 8o’s and went on to co- write a history making number 1 song for Craig Wanye Boyd in 2015.  

Mark was signed on to Sony-Tree music as a staff writer the same publishing company Peggy was also a staff writer for. Mark and Peggy also just happened to be neighbors living in East Nashville where they met.

Mark is the steady hand and heavy lifting on the farm which he is involved and enjoys most every facet of with the exception of weedeating he doesn’t enjoy that:) 

Peggy Lynn Marchetti

Farming and Music runs deep in Peggy’s does the entrepreneuial sprit. She opened her first business at the age of 18 a fitness studio called “The Sweat” where she instructed arobeic classes. At 21 she made her way to Nashville to pursue a music career landing a major pubhishing deal and recording contract with Warner Bros. Records as part of a duo called “The Lynn” in 1996 Living in East Nashville

Peggy met fellow songwriter Mark Marchetti. Peggy and Mark married and moved to Goodlettsville in 2000 to begin a new adventure on their 38 organic family farm growing flowers, vegetables and herbs.. a son  “Lucca”.

Peggy is the lead farmer and teaches several workshops and class on the farm and off. Peggy also designs and instructs people on how to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flower in their backyard..or front:)


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1228 Willis Branch Rd. Goodlettsville, TN. 37072