Shareholders, Are you ready to kick this spring CSA season off? Our First pickup is this coming Saturday, ┬áMay 1st. 11-2pm here on the farm. These beautiful butter lettuces are just waiting to go home with y’all. Remember these early spring butter lettuces are really delicate and just need a little extra care. Once you get these butter lettuces home..and please get the home at once they don’t like the heat of the day once they are cut. You need to go ahead and take them apart and gently wash the leaves and put them in your salad spinner to dry. You can then place the lettuce into a bag and refrigerate. These lettuce don’t need much to dress them and you can easily over power them. So just a little oil and vinegar is all your need.

You will start seeing lots of greens in your shares over the next couple of pickups..tis the season. Mustard greens, collars, kales, spinach and Asian greens along with salad greens. I know after your 2nd. pickup it gets to be a lot and

can seem overwhelming. It is a good time to search out recipes for to try. These are the very first crops of the season and when you eat in season you will find your body responds. These greens will help get your body out of that carb heavy winter food load..they are full of iron so that helps get your blood flowing. So enjoy them while they are here…in another few weeks those FarmBoxes start getting very colorful with those summer crops.