So, it’s late February here on the farm and the weather looks nothing like spring being just a few weeks away. But in truth the farm is already kicking into gear with seed trays hanging out either under lights or in the germination chamber getting ready to set out in the nursery..and I mean farmhouse kitchen area that for the past couple of decades doubles as my nursery. While it’s still pretty inhospitable for these little babies out in the tunnel and without lots of protection I like to kinda be a helicopter plant mom..So I keep them close and watch over them until they get a little bigger and can stand the ups and downs temperatures of the tunnel house. I am in no rush..I want happy, healthy plants.

Next up will be to get the tunnel house beds planted. First go in the sugar snap peas, lettuce and spinach. Than our first field planting bed with be the carrots. It all starts filling up pretty fast once the days get longer and warmer sunny days. The first CSA FarmBox is scheduled for May 14th. this season. So we have some time to get ready for y’all. If you are new to the CSA FarmBox program this is a great time to watch some of our videos and prepare yourself for your coming FarmBoxes.