Here’s the deal. In all my years farming nothing brings more excitement to our shareholders than the arrival of the tomatoes. It’s true! I have folks start asking about the tomatoes in early May. Something about those fruits that stir people like nothing else when it comes to locally grown goodness. The tomato season begins in July..for all field grown..not greenhouse but ripe on the vine in the bright sunshine here in Middle Tennessee. We start seeing the cherries and small tomatoes first then come the big girls the heirloom slicers that taste like summer..looks like summer and yes..once the tomatoes arrive it is summer! This next pickup is one of those tomato pickups. The first of the season besides the little guys we sent home last pickup. The sun is high in sky and it is heating up which brings on the bountiful harvest of those queens of the farm. Right now I have 3 different varieties of heirloom slicing tomatoes. Black Krim , Purple Cherokee and Mortgage Lifter these are my favorite large heirlooms. I also have some medium size tomatoes growing along with our sweet corn down at my families farm where there is lots of farm land and Mark and I have 2 acres partitioned off for our organic crops that need lot’s of space like the sweet corn and over flow like winter squash or crop rotation when we need to rotate crop beds here every 3 years. We have some lemon boys and canner tomatoes and paste planted there.The sweet corn is still a little bit from being ready to harvest..but that is okay…because there is plenty to love in your FarmBox this next pickup..