Well, here we all are in the middle of a global pandemic and all of us social distancing and stay home to keep safe and those around us safe as well. But, I don’t want to talk about all that because we hear enough of it daily right now on the news..I want to talk to you about kicking off the CSA FarmBox season!! So I wanted to get started a couple of weeks early this year to get y’all some fresh organic produce right now. So starting next week we will be harvesting, packing up some delicious spring salad mixes, a little sweet spinach, arugula and gorgeous red vain sorrel and whatever else is even close to being ready and bring y’all a little early farm love right to your door. We are trying to re think how to make all this work while we are being super cautious here on the farm which means we have to keep things very simple and just get on with it. I know a couple of farm pups that are going to very sad not seeing all our shareholder on the farm for a while but, we need to play it very safe and keep the farm lock down to just Mark and I working it.. Iris here is keeping an ear out for any visitors..she loves people and knows tis the season for CSA pickup days. She is just going to have wait a little longer.

One of my favorite crops is going to be in this first pickup..and that is sorrel. It is this beautiful red vein leaf that has this tangy lemony taste and I love to add it to salads, shrimp tacos. It just livens up whatever you use for. We are still really early in the season so this is a lite pickup for sure, but more important this is wholesome, fresh and safe food..and I just have to say..we are thankful to be your farmers and we want to make sure y’all know we are thinking of y’all and we are planting up a great season..so let get started FarmBox #1Here is a great website I found all about using fresh  Sorrel